What is Mechanical Repair Insurance?

While standard vehicle insurance might cover theft and damage from accidents, Mechanical Repair Insurance can cover mechanical faults and repairs, like steering problems, engine repairs, electric battery replacements or auto-electrical issues. The cover applies to new and used vehicles and provides peace of mind that you’re covered for unexpected mechanical repairs.

Mechanical Repair Cover advantages

  • Peace of mind motoring that you’re covered for most repairs, depending on your policy.
  • Extra services such as roadside assistance, towing and rental car may be included.
  • Premiums can be calculated based on the term of the coverage, the condition and quality of your car, and the kilometres you’ve travelled.
  • Older cars that may be more susceptible to repairs are covered, as well as newer cars just out of warranty.
  • When buying a used vehicle, you can choose what you want, without concern for a warranty.
  • Protects your savings in the event of an unforeseen vehicle failure.
  • Repair bill disputes are handled directly by the insurance company.
  • Can be purchased with your credit card online for a monthly premium or paid direct from your bank account.

Extend your car’s warranty

Most new cars and even some used cars are sold a warranty covering mechanical repairs. These plans protect against mechanical defects and pay for repairs to the suspension, engine, brakes and other systems. The downside is once the vehicle has travelled a certain kilometres or period, the vehicle warranty runs out. Once that happens, you’ll have to pay for your own repairs unless you apply for an extended car warranty or mechanical breakdown insurance.

Just like an extended car warranty, these MBI policies do not cover normal maintenance and wear-and-tear on your car. You can purchase various levels of vehicle repair cover for a certain number of kilometres or months.

Mechanical Repair Insurance with Roadside Assistance

Our Autolife mechanical breakdown insurance policies also cover costs associated with breakdowns, such as towing and rental car coverage. Also included is a 24-hour roadside assistance service.

Should I get Mechanical Repair Cover?

If you want the best possible cover for your vehicle or you know you might have difficulty paying for repairs or you’ve purchased a car that you think regular repairs might be necessary then Mechanical breakdown Insurance is for you!

With Autolife it’s free and easy to get an online quote. You can then complete the quick application and pay for it online, monthly or in full and get that peace of mind motoring. Car ownership without the worries.

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The experience with Autolife was great, very easy to apply and the customer service individual that helped me with the process was outstanding.

Phil D.

You don’t appreciate these things until something goes wrong. I was off work for 8 weeks with a serious leg injury. Autolife’s Consumer credit policy kicked in and covered my arse!

Mike M.

Autolife saved me from a $2300 repair bill. Phew, I was so pleased to have the Mechanical Breakdown Insurance – it even covered the tow fees. Many many thanks.

Steve M.

Cover for Expensive Repair Bills

This is where Mechanical Breakdown Insurance can assist by paying for what can be expensive repairs and ensuring that you and your vehicle remain on the road.

  • Accepted at your dealership or by any licensed mechanic
  • Includes a 7-day money-back guarantee
  • 24-hour roadside assistance
  • Coverage backed by long-standing insurance companies

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*Mechanical Repair Insurance is underwritten by Beneficial Insurance Limited. Refer to your individual Policy Document that will be provided on completion of your insurance application for full Policy Conditions.