Consumer Credit Indemnity

Autolife Consumer Credit Indemnity (CCI) covers your loan repayments when you’re unable to

What is Consumer Credit Indemnity?

Autolife CCI takes the stress out of meeting your loan repayments in the event of serious injury, sickness, unexpected unemployment, or even death. We’ll cover your loan repayments for a specified period of time, or in some instances, until you are able to find new work.

What's covered by CCI?

Death by accident

In the event of Death by Accident your Finance Contract will be paid off.

Sickness cover

In the event you are unable to work due to a sickness then for a specific time, we will pay your instalments.

Temporary total disablement

In the event you are unable to work due to accident then for a specific time we will pay your instalments.


In the event you are made redundant and cannot find work then for a specific time we will pay your instalments.

Why should I get Consumer Credit Indemnity?

In these uncertain times, Autolife CCI could prove to be beneficial to protect yourself from situations where you might not be able to earn and paying the ongoing bills could be tough. Its specific benefits include: 

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Check out common questions we’re asked about Consumer Credit Indemnity

What is Autolife's Consumer Credit Indemnity (CCI)?

Autolife's CCI is a cover that can help you meet loan repayment instalments for a specific period during medical or work-related situations, such as illness, accident, or redundancy.

What situations does CCI cover?

CCI can provide coverage in cases of accidental death, sickness, temporary total disablement and redundancy. It can help compensate for your loan instalments during such periods.

How does CCI respond in the event of my accidental death?

If an accidental death occurs, CCI will pay off your finance contract, relieving your family of this financial obligation (up to the maximum cover stated on your policy).

What happens if I become sick or disabled and can't work?

If you're unable to work due to sickness or temporary total disablement, CCI can help cover your loan instalments for a specific period.

What if I'm made redundant?

If you're made redundant and can't find work, CCI can help cover your loan instalments for a specific period, easing your financial stress.

Why should I consider Autolife's CCI?

Autolife's CCI is beneficial in protecting your assets from repossession when you're unable to meet loan repayments. It can also help to ease the financial pressure during sickness or redundancy.

Who underwrites Autolife's Credit Contract Indemnity?

Autolife's Credit Contract Indemnity is underwritten by Beneficial Insurance Limited.

Is Autolife a New Zealand-based company?

Yes, Autolife is a subsidiary of Beneficial Insurance Limited and is 100% New Zealand owned & managed.