Look after yourself and others on the road

The holidays are a busy time for roads, with many of us travelling across the country to see friends and family. This makes it an especially important time to be mindful of your driving habits. Whether you’ve been driving for a few, or for many, years it never hurts to review safe driving tips to help look after yourself and others on the road this holiday season.

There’s no need to speed

With more cars than usual on the roads, it can be tempting to make up time by creeping over the legal limits. However, not only is this dangerous but it also greatly increases your chance of having an accident and becoming a hazard to other drivers.

When planning your trip, allow extra time to act as a buffer for delays. Always stick to the speed limit and drive to the conditions. Adjust your speed to the weather, traffic and road conditions, particularly stretches of road you’re unfamiliar with!

Distracted drivers are dangerous drivers

When travelling with friends and family, it can be easy to become distracted while driving. Distractions can come in many forms, but it’s critical to remain focused and have your full attention on the road at all times. This is particularly true when you’re responsible for the safety of others, as well as yourself.

Keep music at a reasonable volume and keep your phone out of sight so you’re not tempted to check it. If travelling solo, pull over if you need to check directions or use your phone for other reasons – never try to multitask behind the wheel. Avoid eating and drinking when you’re driving as this also takes your attention away from the road.

Avoid fatigue

There’s nothing quite like a road trip over summer, making the most of the great weather to explore our beautiful country. If you’re driving long distances be sure to have regular breaks to get some fresh air, stay hydrated, and have a stretch.

Tired drivers are less able to concentrate and have slower reaction times. Where possible, share the travel and don’t drive tired. Get a good night’s sleep if you know you have a long trip ahead the next morning.

Respect other road users

If you’re driving at night be sure to use your lights appropriately and be prepared to take extra caution. Be wary of cyclists, give them enough space and drive past them at an appropriate speed. Keep a safe distance behind cars in front of you to give you the best chance to react to them stopping.

Maintain a safe distance behind large trucks, who have blind spots, and only pass them if and when safe to do so. Always look twice at intersections and never take risks at the possible expense of other drivers.

Safe travels

Being a safe driver means taking care of yourself and others on the road. Give yourself the greatest ability to react to any obstacles or hazards you encounter on the road. Stay mindful of these simple tips to keep yourself safe when travelling.