We take the worry away from owning a vehicle – we’ll cover you, your loan, and unexpected repair bills.

Unexpected repair bills cover

What do you do about those mechanical problems that always seem to pop up right after your car warranty runs out? Check out Autolife’s Mechanical Breakdown Insurance (MBI) – that’s what.

Protect a shortfall in loan repayments

If a vehicle is written off and the claim is paid by the Insurer, there could still be money owing on a finance! GFP Cover has been designed to protect the shortfall that may occur.

Cover loan repayments during difficult situations

When your unable to, we could cover repayment instalment for a specific period on a finance loan contract during medical or work-related situations.

Love your car

& protect your wallet with our sensible vehicle policies

The experience with Autolife was great, very easy to apply and the customer service individual that helped me with the process was outstanding.

Phil D.

You don’t appreciate these things until something goes wrong. I was off work for 8 weeks with a serious leg injury. Autolife’s Consumer credit policy kicked in and covered my arse!

Mike M.

Autolife saved me from a $2300 repair bill. Phew, I was so pleased to have the Mechanical Breakdown Insurance – it even covered the tow fees. Many many thanks.

Steve M.


$1.5+ Billion

spent on auto repairs in NZ last year


unpredicted defaults on loan contracts


Autolife satisfaction rate