6 reasons why regular car maintenance is so important

For most of us, our car is one of our most valuable assets, so it pays to keep it well maintained. The good news is that it doesn’t have to cost you a lot of money and most mechanics make it easy to keep to a regular maintenance schedule.

Here are some of the main benefits of keeping your car well maintained.

1. When you look after your car it will look after you

When parts in your car like brake pads and tyres aren’t maintained and replaced regularly you risk having more accidents. Accidents do happen anyway, but you can reduce the chances – especially of more serious accidents – if you keep your car well-maintained. This reason alone is why it’s a good idea to have your car regularly checked out and serviced by your mechanic – it will help to keep you and your family safe.

2. You’ll get better performance

It’s also important to have regular car check-ups, as this will help make sure you’re getting optimal performance from your car. If you think about driving on a long trip, for example, and not having the best tyre traction or steering, this is not only unsafe but also means a less pleasant driving experience.

3. You’ll save money

The small cost of a regular check-up is preferable to the long-term cost and impact of having an accident or not getting optimal performance from your car. It’s no different to going to the doctor or dentist for regular check-ups; it’s simply the smart thing to do.

4. It will save you time

For most people time is a very important resource. We would all like more time in the day to do all the tasks on our to-do list. That’s why it is really important to keep your car well maintained. If you have the misfortune of being involved in an accident, or your car stops working, your car could be off the road for days or even longer. You’ll have to rent a car, use taxis or public transport to get around, which will not only waste your time but also cost you more.

5. Spend less on petrol

For most of us, filling up the tank is a regular weekly cost. A well-maintained car will save you money at the pump since you will be using less fuel to run your engine if it’s properly maintained.

6. You’ll get a better price when you sell your car

When the time comes to sell your car, most prospective buyers will ask you if you have kept the car well maintained. They might even ask for maintenance records. If you have these records, you will secure the sale quicker and most likely get a better price for it. So, it makes sense to keep it well maintained.

If you keep your car well-maintained you will save money, get better performance, keep you and your family safe and you’ll get a better price when the time comes to sell your car. It doesn’t have to be expensive to do and most mechanics offer service plans. The benefits far outweigh the costs!