With fuel costs rising year on year, vehicle owners are looking at ways to reduce their fuel consumption and make a full tank last longer between fills. There are some easy ways you can adapt your driving to save fuel and help you keep costs down.

  1. Look after your car
    Regular servicing, the right tyres and tyre pressure, and a well maintained vehicle in general will help you burn through less fuel. It’s estimated that a car that is regularly serviced can use from 10-20% less fuel than a car which is not.
  2. Don’t speed
    Driving to speed conditions, rather than speeding, can help you shave off dollars on your fuel bill!
  3. Drive smoothly
    Rather than slamming down on the pedals, accelerate and slow down gradually, allowing the car to move gently.
  4. Look ahead and be prepared
    Maintaining a safe following distance and looking ahead means you’ll move at a more constant speed, and have time to slow down early rather than brake at the last minute.
  5. Corner smoothly
    Don’t brake hard for corners and then accelerate out of them. Slow gently as you approach them and then exit the corner.
  6. Keep an eye on air conditioning
    Air conditioning uses up to 8% more fuel than rolling down the windows, so make sure you switch it off when it’s done its job.
  7. Keep your car light
    A heavier vehicle makes the engine work harder. If you’re not using stuff in your car, it’s best to unload it!
  8. Reduce idling time
    Don’t park for long periods with your engine idling. If you’re stationary for more than 30 seconds, turn your engine off and save some fuel.
  9. Avoid short trips
    A third of all car trips made in New Zealand are less than 2km in distance. Cut down on unnecessary driving and walk the short distances.

Even if your car hasn’t got the best fuel economy, you can improve it on your own with diligence and a willingness to change your driving habits!